We are so fortunate to live in a place where we experience endless days of sunshine (check out our Guide to Indoor Play for those rare rainy days).  This allows our children to run and play and enjoy a beautiful playground or park throughout the year.   You might love wide open green spaces, or a playground with a variety of play equipment.  Either way, we have put together a wonderful guide to a few unique playgrounds and parks in Ventura County.  Click on each Title for more information about the playground or park.

Hooray! Time to Play!

Mel Vincent Park 

Best Feature – a huge, grassy area for lots of running and playing.

This park is on 5 acres of land and features two different playgrounds.  Children can also enjoy the basketball court and volleyball court.  With restrooms and covered picnic areas, you can truly spend the day here!

Valle Lindo Park

Best Feature –a sidewalk trail system throughout the park.  Bring your scooters and bikes!!

You will instantly see a wonderful, oversize playground along with a soccer field. There are also picnic tables with BBQ grills that are available for reservations.  Make sure to check out the cute, little bridge because kids will love walking over it.

Old Meadows Park – The Dreamcatcher Playground

Best Feature – a disability-sensitive and interactive play area stimulating senses and abilities, featuring many unique play pieces.

What a truly unique and special park!  With a majority of the playground covered in sand and rubber, it is very accessible. There is a mini village, sand tables, and a music piece.

Borchard Community Park 

Best Feature – an adorable farm-themed playground and creative labyrinths.

This park has a lot to offer! Volleyball, basketball, tennis courts, and horseshoe pits are available on a first come/first serve basis, as well as a skate park.  There are restrooms and picnic tables to make this a very comfortable place to spend time.

El Parque de la Paz

Best Feature – contains a great climbing area/wall for kids.

This park is surrounded by giant oak trees! It features a jungle-theme playground and you will enjoy this park with the basketball courts, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, and restrooms. 

Fiore Playground (Freeway Playfields)

Best Feature – the cutest baseball-themed playground.

If your child loves baseball, this park will not disappoint you. It features 4 reservable baseball fields and the baseball-themed play area!  Your child will go wild for the oversized baseball bat and ball. The park also includes restrooms, a picnic structure, and tables. 

Libby Park Playground

Best Feature – incredible play structure, quad pod spinner, box-sled hill

Your kids will find it hard to get bored with this park. It is one of my kids favorite parks in Ventura County. While it might be a bit out of the way, it is well worth the drive with the giant obstacle course, spinner and fake-grass hill to sled down in a box.  And it’s right across the street from a great, little ice cream shop!

Camarillo Grove Park

Best Feature – outdoor Nature Center + interactive water table

This park has it all! A great playground, an outdoor nature center, trails, dog park and lots of nature to explore! There are also covered picnic areas, restrooms, grills and horseshoe pits.  You could truly enjoy an entire day here.

Glenwood Park TO

Best Feature – Adorable woodland cottage-themed playground with a farmers market play area, vegetable step climbers and cool swings.

If you have kids who love to run and play on a great playground, this park is for you. Not only is it a wonderful playground, it will inspire your kids’ imagination and pretend play. The playground is covered so it would make a great place to play on hot days.  There are also picnic tables, restrooms, and grills.

Conejo Community Park (Dover and Hendrix Park)

Best Feature – beautiful rolling hills and large areas of grass.

If you are a nature lover, this park is for you. Grass, trees and rolling hills surround the park and there is a short fitness trail (.4 miles).  There is a ton of shade and picnic tables, along with a playground, to make this a very relaxing place to spend the day. 

Rancho Tapo Community Park (Lemon Park)

Best Feature – a splash Pad (summer) and paved paths. 

A park with a great playground and a splash pad (summer) is a perfect combo! Your child can enjoy the playground equipment and splash pad, then grab their scooter or bike to ride around the paved paths.  This is also the home of the award winning plaza, which features a reflective pool, fountains, and memorial pilasters. 

Conejo Creek North Park

Best Feature –  two ponds connected by a recirculating stream.

A beautiful park with two playgrounds, a gratitude circle, and the healing garden.  Your child will enjoy walking around the ponds and along the stream. 

Gates Canyon Park – Brandon’s Village

Best Feature – 70% of playground equipment is independently playable for children with disabilities.

This huge western-themed play area has many unique features, like the sawing ship and roller-driven slides. It may be a little drive, but the 7 acre park is a “must see” and “must play”!

Thousand Oaks Community Park

Best Feature –  A picnic and insect inspired them playground, including an Ant Hill.

The park is 35.8 parks filled with all types of experiences and fun. Find racquetball, soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, sand volleyball, and a disc golf course.  But you kids will absolutely love the newly renovated playground area, with picnic and insect themes. Don’t forget a cardboard box for the Ant Hill!

Santa Susana Park 

Best Feature – beautiful natural landscapes.

If your kids love to run, climb rocks, and hang under trees; this is a great park for them! The park is next to the historic train depot; making it a great place to spend an entire day.  You will find BBQ pits, a play area, and lots of picnic tables.

Conejo Valley Botanic Garden

Best Feature – Kids Adventure Garden (usually only open on Sundays). 

This 41-acre property contains a bird habitat, nature trail, and kids adventure garden.  Enjoy this park by bringing a lunch to eat at their picnic tables and slowly enjoying this peaceful park.  The park is immediately across the street from Tarantula Hill, the highest point in Thousand Oaks.

Foster Park

Best Feature – water!! The park has a small stream running through the park.

This is one of my family’s favorite parks.  The park is full of beautiful trees and grassy areas.  Your kids can spend hours by the water looking for tadpoles and frogs in the Ventura River.

Arroyo Verde Park – Inclusive Play Area

Best Feature – first fully inclusive play area in Ventura

Created as the first fully inclusive play area in Ventura; a space where children of varying abilities could play together, where grandparents could easily interact with their grandchildren, and where the community could have fun together without barriers.

Tierra Rejada Park

Best Feature – space-theme playground

If your child loves space and climbing, they will go crazy for this park. There are several climbing play structures in different space-inspired shapes.  There is also a large grass area, completely surrounded by a sidewalk. Don’t forget the bikes; kids will enjoy riding all the way around the grass area!

Walnut Grove Park

Best Feature – brand new race car-themed playground equipment.

This park is named for the walnut trees that are on the site. Besides the amazing playground, the park also offers a handball court, basketball court, and picnic tables.  Finish your time at this park with a stroll around the Recreational Walking Path (0.21 mile distance).

Marina Park

Best Feature – near the beach, large grassy area, pirate-themed playground.

A park with a playground, grassy area, and near the beach, YES PLEASE!  You can spend the entire day here and your kids will love the pirate-themed playground.

Enjoy A New Playground or Park!

We hope this guide helps you and your family enjoy some quality time together exploring and enjoying a new park! If we missed one of your favorite parks, please let us know!


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