Sweet hubby, I used to send you love letters! All the time. 

It was so fun to tell you all the reasons I loved you and why you were the perfect man for me.

I could not bear to think you didn’t know why I loved you.

Sweet Love Letters

I crafted very specific love letters to you detailing all the reasons why I loved you.  And it came so easily to me.  In an instance I could list 10…no, 15 reasons why you drove me crazy. I would take the time to tell you so you had no doubt I was absolutely mad about you.

Time Stole My Love

Fast forward 15 years later… 3 kids…countless heart aches and struggles.   I am sad to say I have forgotten to tell you why I love you. Time and commitments steal my focus to just love you.  Distractions and duties have forbidden me from remembering how you stole my heart and how much you mean to me.

Life has slowed down a little now.  Those little, so dependent babies have grown and don’t need me as much anymore. And I am finding that I am still in love with you but have regretfully neglected to tell you.  So, I will stop and remind you that I love you so deeply.  And that for a season I turned my love to other things but you will always be my first love.

Dear Hubby

You are patient in knowing I needed space to love another. I needed time to grow as a mother and give myself wholeheartedly to our sweet children.

You were understanding when I just could not give anymore of myself.  I was exhausted and pulled in too many directions. And that I just needed sleep and rest and a quiet moment to myself.

You were sacrificial in the fact that you knew you needed to step aside and allow me to put our babies first.  You did not complain or protest.  You simply supported and loved me.

You gave me what I didn’t know I needed….time, compassion, empathy, unconditionally love..

We are now moving into a new chapter; a time of slowing down and finding ourselves again. I want you to know so many things.

I Love You

I still love you.

You still steal my breath.

I still can not believe you belong to me.

You are so handsome.

I still love to laugh with you and reminisce about old times.

I still want to kiss you.

I desire to be your wife…your love…your life!

So I forgot for a time the reasons I love you.  But they are all coming back to me. Be patient and selfless with me as I transition from being a mom to remembering I am your wife.  I am learning to put you first again.  I am learning that WE are more important than anything else. And I am learning to remember exactly why I love you.

Let Me Tell You

Yes, I  did forget why I loved you for a short season.  A season of babies and breastfeeding, sleepless nights, tears from being overwhelmed and lost.  But you were steadfast and consistent and I am working my way back to you.

So here are all the reasons I love you….

You are patient.

You are kind.

 You are selfless.

You are true.

You are strong.

You are compassionate.

You make me laugh.

You make me feel safe.

You are my love.

And I will find a way now to remind you that you are my love! And remember all the reasons I love you.


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