Annette Pearson

Annette was born in Canoga Park and at the age of 10 split her time between Los Angeles and Naperville IL. Annette moved to Raleigh/Durham NC in 2004 where she met and married her soul mate, Tom. Annette and her family moved from Durham NC to Thousand Oaks in 2014 and purchased their forever home in Simi Valley (2015) while having a serious case of food poisoning from grocery store sushi. Annette has worked in all facets of Health Care but has found her Niche in IT Project Management for a large Health Insurance company. She is also the owner of 'I Got Faith Baby', where she provides strength/life, health and wellness coaching, in addition to writing her own blog by the same name, Annette published her first book in January 2021, which has become an International Best Seller. Annette is passionate about the strength found in each of us, and passionately believes in the healing power of laughing hysterically. Annette's mantra is "strength is found inside of us, joy is a choice and belief is an action".

Small Family Thanksgiving Celebrations Done Your Way

I didn’t host Thanksgiving until I was married and in my thirties. I went straight from watching others do all the I think I can do alright let’s host 40 people. A BIG...

Let’s Start the Conversation – Infertility

I’ll go first… I am Infertile! First, I am not a medical professional. This is being written from my perspective - as an infertility warrior. I define infertility as the inability to conceive without medical intervention,...

Let’s Start the Conversation – Mom Guilt

Let’s get uncomfortable and start the conversation. Shall we? Let's talk about mom guilt. Mom Guilt I’ll go first…. When I had my beautiful daughter Faith, I was self-employed, which meant that if I didn’t work then...
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